Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner  or a vacuum is an appliance that is used to clean surface areas such as floors. It functions as such by pumping air to sort of make a vacuum and suck up any mess like dust, fallen hair, spilt food, dirt, etc. before automatically thrashing all those collected stuff into a bag or a removable canister (a container).

It is able to properly function because of its mechanism: dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, power floor nozzle (for canister types), or hard floor brush (for non-upright kinds).

To make it work efficiently and effectively, dusting of the surfaces to be cleaned is recommended. Doing so can get rid of the dirt particles, allergens, dust, etc. floating in the air. Hence, preventing them from going back to the surfaces after cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner.

Since a vacuum cleaner can be used to take away debris on many areas (including the wall-to-wall carpets, bare floors, upholstery, and draperies), it is advisable to know first what you are going to use a vacuum cleaner for prior to scouting for more information about vacuums in the market. That way, you are really sure that you will be buying only the one that you truly need.

Purchasing a vacuum  cleaner is a very wise investment. It does not only save you time, energy, and money (especially if you are used to hiring a cleaner or you forego money-making opportunities in lieu of cleaning). It also allows you to enjoy a refreshingly clean home. So, choose properly and buy only the right kind of vacuum cleaner for your home needs.


1 Get a bagged vacuum cleaner if dust exposure is an issue. Although the bag is to be disposed of and changed regularly,  it can trap most of the allergens like dust and pollen grains. Thus, preventing them from floating in the air. 

2 Use a bagless vacuum cleaner if you don’t like replacing bags and/or  you are so conscious of the bag disposal’s effect on the environment. Anyway, it doesn’t take too much time and effort to empty out the see-through canister of a bagless vacuum cleaner.

3 There are basically 5 types of vacuum cleaner to choose from based on your needs: handheld, stick, upright, canister, and robot vacuum cleaners. And, each one of them has at least one feature that makes it distinct from the others. So, by doing a market research, you will be able to pick one that appropriately answers your cleaning needs.


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