Smart Plugs

A smart plug is a modern gadget that can be attached into any standard home outlet. In addition, it can also be connected to the Wifi network of your household.

Using a smart plug is relatively easy. It includes:

* plugging it into an electrical outlet

* having the smartphone app that allows your smart plug to work

* plugging in your household equipments (the ones that you want to function smartly) and

* remotely controlling them by turning them on or off

Hence, when linked to an app on your smartphone or with your voice projected through Amazon Alexa or Google Home or others., it can control your stuff and schedule some activities anytime, anywhere. Transforming your ordinary appliances and light fixtures, thus, into smart equipments.

As such, it can be referred to as a smart switch or smart outlet that does wonders like:

* turning the lights on and off while you are on vacation or just away from the house for a date

* making your garment iron hot while you’re still finishing up something (for a short time) before ironing

* turning the living room TV on and off from the kitchen as needed 

* turning off the hairstyling iron while in another room

* shutting down your coffee maker 

* shutting off your computer,  etc.

Given its functions,  using a smart plug comes with some benefits:

* Convenience. You don’t have to be present nor near your appliances or fixtures to turn them on and off.

* Energy Management. With the information about your energy consumption that its smart meter provides, you can plan ways to lower your electricity bill.

* Safety. With your ability to turn the lights on and off from anywhere, anytime, thieves will be discouraged from breaking into your house while you’re away.

* Quality Time With Your Family. Things can be scheduled and implemented your way when distractions will be kept at bay.

But for the smart plug to work, the appliances and electronics that you’re planning to manipulate with should be “on” always. Since using the smart outlet is like unplugging your stuff and then plugging them again, make sure that your stuff have switches like the mechanical switches which will remain on (in the ‘on mode’) even after turning them off. 


1 Before buying smart plugs, check first your home appliances and fixtures if it can work with smart plugs. Turn them on. Unplug them while they’re on. Then, plug them back again. If they automatically turn back on, it will work fine with a smart plug. 

2 Prior to purchasing a home appliance or fixture which you want to work with a smart plug, do the same test in number one.

3 In selecting a smart plug, find out if it is compatible with your voice assistant (a tablet, smartphone, or something else). Get the facts from the website, product box, or your smartphone app.

4 Knowing where to put your smart plug (indoor or outdoor and in an open/big or crowded/small space) should be a concern as well. It’s a factor to bear in mind in choosing the kind and size of smart plug. 


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