Smart Mugs

Just like a traditional mug, a smart mug is a container for your beverage such as coffee or tea. The main difference, though, is the smart mug’s design. It is made to let you set your desired temperature for your drinks. While the length in maintaining the target temperature is relatively shorter or longer in other smart mugs, a few mugs like the Ember Ceramic Mug, for example, is designed to hold a certain temperature for about an hour. Hence, making your hot coffee or tea great all the way to your final sip.

Another feature that a smart mug may have is the ability to track, regulate, and remind you of your water intake (schedule, temperature, etc.) according to your preferred setting. This capability alone is something that a conventional mug does not have, obviously.

And, because you can sync it with many apps like the fitness tracker app,  it is an item that many people opt to use instead of the ordinary mug. They, therefore, buy and use either of the following branded smart mugs:

* Ozmo Active Mugs

* Ember Ceramic/Travel Mugs

* Yecup Mugs

* Kiss Kiss Fish Vacuum Flask Smart Coffee Tumblers

* Puncia Electric Smart Mugs

* SmartShow Smart Mugs

* Tech Tools Smart Travel Mugs

* Eason Smart Mugs

* LYXLQ Travel Mugs/Insulation Cups

* MUYIER Smart Mugs 

* Nomodo Mugs 

* Cauldry Travel Mugs

* BURNOUT Travel Mugs or

* Zendo Smart Mugs

A major reason that users have in mind for purchasing the cited mugs, aside from the ones already mentioned above, is its practicality. They buy a smart mug, thus, because:

* It’s easy, safe, and comfortable to use.

* It’s portable.

* It can be sealed properly. Thus, preventing any spill & mess.

* It is light.

* It is worth the price

* It usually looks nice or stylish.

I’m wondering, then, what benefit/s will you be adding  to the ones already stated when you purchase & use one yourself (if you haven’t already)!!!


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