Smart Homes

It is a great idea to have a Smart Home.  It is useful to say the least. And, it saves time, energy, and money particularly in the long run.

In essence, it is a Home Automation System that provides basic and/or advanced functions. And, it embraces the ideals of a home where comfort, security, and peace (of mind especially), among other wonderful values, reside. That’s most likely why some people fondly call it “Domotics” — a term that’s based on the Latin word “domus” that means “home”. 

Among the many reasons why a Smart Home is desired, the following list stands out:

* It lets homeowners monitor and control the activities in the household.

* It makes home security possible.

* It gives the owners the luxury of time in manually switching their devices on and off.

* It saves energy and reduces the electric bill as the lights and house appliances are automatically turned off when not anymore needed.

* With the owners’ voices and/or the use of a smartphone, tablet, or remote control, any electricity-powered gadget can be included in the home network and can be programmed to follow the owners’ commands. Hence, allowing the owners to have full control of any “system” —  thermostat, lighting, theatre & other related entertainment, and security — they have in their home.

The above-cited benefits, however, come with some concerns. First, the smart devices needed to have a Smart Home are relatively expensive. They are about 30 to 50 percent higher in price compared to the conventional ones. Second, the labor it requires for the installation is relatively complicated. Third, hiring a skilled person to do the installation is quite costly. Fourth (and probably not the last concern), it may be used by hackers to gain access to your living quarter (virtually and/or physically), gather personal information that can be used against you, etc.

Given both sides of the coin (the pros and cons of having a Smart Home so to speak), thus, it’s up to you to decide whether to have a Smart Home or not. And, when you decide to have one, it’s up to you to think of more ways to maximize the benefits it offers while figuring out how to prevent hacking & misuse of its capabilities. 


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