Instant Pots

An instant pot is a household appliance that certainly makes life not just simple but easy. It is one super useful product that performs the work of practically seven various appliances for the kitchen. As such, it is a multi-cooker that uses electricity instead of gas.

Its feature includes its capability to be programmed for a maximum of 24 hours and its easy-to-apply pre-programmed preferences. It also includes safety features like the “lid flashing display” when the lid is not placed properly, “cooker disabling”, and many more which are particularly associated with the closing and opening of the lid according to what you are cooking.

If you’re wondering what exactly an Instant Pot  is used for”, here are its functions:

Steamer or Steam Cooker. It cooks food through steaming.

Saute or Browning Pan. It can be used to cook dishes with a little amount of oil.

Warmer or Warming Pot.  It makes and/or keeps the food warm for a period of time.

Slow Cooker. It cooks food in a low cooking temperature for a relatively long time.

Rice Cooker. It cooks rice which is a staple food for many people especially those of Asian descent.

Pressure Cooker. It is usually used to tenderize meat cuts, beans or lentils, artichokes, potatoes, etc.

Yogurt Maker. It can turn milk into yogurt.

And, when you find yourself coming up with some food  or meal ideas that you can cook or make using an Instant Pot, the list below may help. Although the food — from dishes  to dessert — that you can prepare using an instant pot is as diverse as your creative imaginations are, here are some common stuff that you can have:

Cooked Rice.  It may be cooked by steaming or boiling.

Porridge. It is cooked through boiling.

Mashed Potatoes. It is prepared by mashing boiled potatoes.

Beans or Chilli. It is prepared by boiling the beans and chili.

Bone Broth. It is prepared by slowly cooking the bones in water (preferably with some ingredients like vegetables, herbs, spices, etc.). 

Soup. Vegetable Soup, Meat Soup or a mixture of both is usually cooked by boiling (after sautéing the ingredients or without sautéing them).

Pasta. It is cooked by boiling the water first, then putting salt (and spices if desired) after, before the pasta is added, stirred, and drained. 

Beef Stew. Putting all the ingredients like spices, carrots, potatoes, and beef inside the Instant Pot, it can be pressure cooked before adding peas and additional stuff like dill and garlic.

Pot Roast. It can be prepared by searing the whole meat before pressure cooking it and adding your favourite broth, carrots, onions, and potatoes after. 

Pulled Pork. You can make pulled pork by pressure cooking the cut pork roast that is soaked with vinegar, a little of brown sugar, garlic & onion powder, and sauce (barbecue sauce if possible).

Flan or Creme Caramel. This dessert is partly prepared using the steaming feature of the instant pot.

Safety TIPS — When Using the Instant Pot:

* Don’t stay near the steam. 

* When used as a pressure cooker, do not fill the Instant Pot with ingredients up to the maximum capacity.

* Don’t leave the Instant Pot on by itself.

* Regularly check the sealing ring and change it to a new, well-functioning one as needed. 

Tasty Recipe TIPS to try:

Chicken Ramen

Beef Stew


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